Most of us will never have seen ourselves as being leaders. For the majority of us, the thought of taking charge of an office will not so long ago have seemed completely absurd. That’s a job for high fliers, for people-people… for born leaders!

But despite any initial apprehension, leadership roles are something that many of us will have thrust upon us against any protestations. In the vast majority of industries, progress and a hike in salary means taking on more responsibility. And that responsibility will very often take the form of some kind of leadership role. You can only progress so far before you start having staff under you and the further you then climb the ladder, the more people will start looking to you for
direction and the more people you’ll be responsible for.

That then leaves two choices: shy away from the pressure and the responsibility and live on the modest salary that comes from that, or learn to suck it up and take charge. And guess what? When you do accept that mantle and become the leader that you can be, you’ll find that it’s one of the best experiences imaginable for your personal growth and development. You’ll become more confident, more able and more authoritative and it can completely transform the way you see yourself.

So now the big question: can you learn leadership? Are some people simply destined to be good leaders while others will forever be disrespected and awkward in the role?

Well, while some people are ‘born with it’ (as Maybeline would have us believe), it certainly is possible to learn the skills needed for leadership if you don’t already have them. And as it happens, that’s exactly what this online training and ebooks  are about to do for you!

So listen and read on and prepare to learn the ins and outs of leadership and what it takes to inspire a team and get the very most out of them.

What Will I Learn?

  • What makes a great leader
  • Should you be feared or liked?
  • How to become instantly more charismatic.
  • How to use ancient techniques like ‘transformismo’ tocontrol your team
  • How to understand the differences of your team and get them to work for you
  • How to handle a crisis
  • How to cultivate inspiration
  • How to give your staff motivation
  • How to create new teams
  • And more!

Topics for this course

22 Lessons


Session 1: 3 Leadership Skills You Need to Learn Today00:03:48
Do you have what it takes to lead?
Session 2: 4 Ways You Can Be a Leader to Others00:03:43
Can you tell the difference?
Session 3: 5 Steps to Lead the Life You’ve Always Wanted00:04:03
Session 4: 5 Ways to Lead Without a Leadership Role00:03:49
Session 5: 6 Mistakes You Make That Are Barriers to Your Leadership Skills00:03:55
You can’t do it all yourself.
Session 6: 8 Things That Great Leaders Do00:04:05
What’s in it for me?
Session 7: 8 Tips to Become an Inspiring Leader00:03:54
Session 8: 10 Skills You Need to Master Your Life00:04:17
Time to think outside the box
Session 9: How You Can Develop Your Leadership Skills00:04:17
You’re the leader, you’re responsible!
Session 10: The One Secret to Be the Leader of an Amazing Life00:03:32

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