PUBLIC SPEAKING EXTRAORDINAIRE: Secrets to Incredible Public Speaking in 3 Days


Is Your Fear STOPPING You From Earning More?

Did you know that most polls and surveys have determined that more people are afraid of public speaking than dying?

It’s true!

For some people, public speaking isn’t an option, but a cruel demand placed on them by their employers or circumstance.

Sometimes, people have to deliver presentations for work or school, which could be terrifying.

Did you know that public speaking is the most lucrative and in the highest demand career?

If public speaking is something you fear then you may be interested in the new home study course I’ve released that’ll help you get on your feet and becoming a confident and outstanding speaker.


You’ll learn…

• The 6 Steps To Eliminating “Stage Fright” Syndrome

• How to Deliver a Simple But High Impact Message

• How to Become a Public Speaking Extraordinaire in 3 Days

• Secret Techniques to Compelling Speaking for Beginners

• How ways to face your public speaking fears

• How to use Public Speaking to Increase your income

• How to Increase your self Esteem

• How to Increase your Leadership Skills

and so much more!


With increased confidence and riding yourself of fear, your opportunities are endless!

What Will I Learn?

  • You will learn the 6 Steps To Eliminating "Stage Fright" Syndrome
  • You will learn how to deliver a simple but high impact message.
  • You will learn how to become a Public Speaking Extraordinaire in 3 Days.
  • You will learn the Secret Techniques to Compelling Speaking for Beginners.
  • You will learn how ways to face your public speaking fears.
  • You will learn how to use public speaking to increase your income.
  • You will learn how to increase your self esteem.

Topics for this course

53 Lessons


Session 1 Introduction
Session 1 Training Guide
Session 1: 6 Steps in Eliminating “Stage Fright” Syndrome14:39
Session 2 Introduction
Session 2 Training Guide
Session 2: GOAL SETTING: How to Deliver a Simple But High Impact Message10:13
Session 3 Introduction
Session 3 Training Guide
Session 3: How to Become a Public Speaking Extraordinaire in 3 Days18:40
Session 4 Introduction
Session 4 Training Guide
Session 4: Secret Techniques to Compelling Speaking for Beginners10:13
Session 5: Dealing With A Negative Audience
Session 6: Handling Questions And Answers
Session 7: Practice Makes Perfect
Session 8: Ten Sources of Income In Professional Speaking
Session 9: How To Feel Confident In Front Of Your Audience
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About the instructor

Ms. Christie C. Lacsamana is a Cum Laude graduate of Bachelor of Secondary Education major in History and with Specialized Degree in Women's Studies at the Philippine Normal University. She has completed the academic requirements for the masteral degree program of Master Arts in Education major in Social Science at the University of Perpetual Help System DALTA. She is one of the National Trainers and Module Writers in Araling Panlipunan of Private Education Assisstance Committee or PEAC for 10 years. Her skills and dedication in teaching for 17 years has been recognized when she was awarded as Star Teacher of the Consortium of the South in 2015. Aside from being an educator in a private school institution, she's also the business manager of iKADEMIYA Corp. iKADEMIYA is an online course, modules, e-books, CPD units and LET Review provider.
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  • Training Guide
  • Bonus Course: Public Speaking Know How Crash Course
  • 25 Public Speaking Related Articles
  • 6 Public Speaking Related E-books (Downloadable)
  • E-certificates

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