Usapang Modyul sa Kapihan ng iKADEMIYA: Mga Hamon sa Pagkatuto sa Panahon ng Bagong Kadawyan


This course will discuss the challenges of education in the new normal and how the government addresses these challenges. This new normal in education poses a number of major issues and challenges. There are several issues with the printed learning modules that have already been distributed to students. Some parents do not know how to navigate tools for online classes like Zoom. Other parents concern is how they can obtain cellphones or gadgets that can be used by their child in online classes. Some parents were able to obtained a cellphone for their child’s online classes but is still a loss as to where to get money for mobile load. Some students borrow a laptop to attend online classes. In order to get a good signal, some teachers and students must cross a river and climb a mountain. In some provinces, teachers need to pass through muddy areas and a mountain to bring modules to students. Some teachers have to pass through ravines and cross a river and hanging bridge to reach students enrolled in an alternative learning system.

This course will also tackle the legislative agenda regarding these challenges that the students, parents and teachers are facing in the different learning modalities for this school year 2020-2021.

This course will also discuss how the stakeholders, teachers, parents and students can cope with this new normal in education.

What Will I Learn?

  • At the end of the course, you will learn the following:
  • Awareness in the issues related to the learning modalities for this school year 2020-2021 and the legislative agenda for this new normal in education;
  • As a stakeholder, you will learn about the preparations needed in this new normal of distance education;
  • As a teacher, you will learn some methods and practices in distance learning and how to prepare quality modules for your students. This course will also help you how to manage the stresses of teaching and student learning from a distance;
  • As a parent, you will learn how to manage the additional new responsibility of children “going to school at home”;
  • As a student, you will learn how to cope with longer periods of not being with classmates for physical and social interaction.

Topics for this course

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Welcome and Instructions?

This course will discuss the challenges of education in the new normal and how the government addresses these challenges.


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Very impormative

I enjoyed the topics because it gives me information and realization about modules and the current situation of education in our country.

I really like the topic because as a teacher it will help me a lot and as a mother it will make me realize the important of modules


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  • Teachers, Parents and Students